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We went to London in March. We spent a whole week there! It was amazing. All of us were very excited about that trip. We couldn’t stand waiting to go to London, so we’d packed about a week earlier. There were 4 teachers, a guide and the pupils from class 2d and 2e. While we were travelling we drove past many countries. There were about six of them.  The journey was exhausting and long but luckily we could stay in a hotel for a night to relax a little bit. When we arrived in London, we were welcomed by our host families. We lived in a typical African family’s house. Surprisingly, we lived in a little guest house in the garden with three boys from our class living in the other room. Our meals were delicious. We also found it funny and interesting that our hostess was wearing a sling with her youngest child (a 6-month-old girl) sleeping in it on her back. During our stay in that family’s house, we  met many people of different nationalities. We really liked three Italian boys who were in London who took part in an exchange program. Every day we had a chance to see another part and monument of London. There were  lots of great thing but we think that ‘The Globe Theatre’ was the best! We also found London Eye and St. Paul’s Cathedral really interesting. Obviously we had some time to do some shopping in everyone’s favourite PrimarkJ

We had a great time in London and we met so many new people there. That trip was awesome and we hope to have another one next year!


Urszula Faron and Maja Matuszewska, 2d